Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Creative Journaling

What is Creative Journaling
Keeping a journal isn't about being the best writer, it is a  good way to keep a reflection of your experiences, feelings, ideas, thoughts and dreams.
It is a place where you can keep track of your life and your journey.
People are usually hesitant about keeping a journal, because they think someone may read their innermost thoughts or that they don't have enough time to update it every day. There are no rules to keeping a journal - it is completely up to you how you create it.
Putting pen to paper and writing about your experiences is a great way to evaluate your life and set yourself goals and find positive ways to solve difficult problems.
Researchers have found that journaling can...
Improve your health
Reduce stress
Stronger Relationships
Improve Organisational Skills
Better Focus
Personal Growth
Allows you to know yourself better
Enhances Intuition & Creativity
Captures 'Life's Story'
Keeping a journal allows you complete creative freedom and can be kept in many ways, you can combine writing and images, collages, drawings and symbols to illustrate your thoughts, feelings and dreams.
The options are endless.
Here are a few images from the first session of Creative Jounaling at Burnley Tennis Club
Some colourful experimenting going on with paints and salt before students choose what techniques they are going to use in their own journals!
If you haven't been on one of our courses before and are interested in Creative Journaling, we still have a few spaces left if you would like to join.
Call: 01282 661784
Text: 07815 962190

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