Wednesday, 11 June 2014

What Kirsty Did: Clitheroe Craft Open Exhibition

We are heading back to the Ribble Valley for this What Kirsty Did.

The Platform Gallery in Clitheroe is run by a lovely colleague of mine, Katherine. It's a beautiful space full of changing contemporary crafts. I visited a couple of weeks ago with husband and three boys, two of my own and one borrowed. It was their 20 year birthday, the Open Craft exhibition was on and there were some workshops for people to take part in too.

My three boys took part in an origami workshop and make some fabulous bookmarks and spinners too. Katherine took some pictures of them, as "boys doing crafts!". I wish more boys would get into crafts, it's so great to look at something and think I made that. Luckily mine will join in almost anything...

Here are some pictures of the 2014 exhibition and some images of my boys in the workshop too...

The above two works were by Bonkers Clutterbucks, which is just the best name. I didn't make a note of the title of first work (but did manage to tell everyone in the gallery how much I loved it!) but the second was called 'Balloon diorama in vintage fruit crate'.
I actually just typed fruit cake and then had to go back. Freudian typo or what!
Origami concentration faces coming up...

Very impressive!

This piece of work is called 'Black Paper-cut Sculpture' by Kerry Thwaites and is made from Black Card.

This was husbands favourite, and just look at that face! You can see why we would have loved for this little dog to come home with us.

This was 'Irish Hound Dog' by Tracey Davies and was made by Needle Felt.

'Purple Smokebush III' by Pat Fisher. The medium was listed as 'Wessex Stitching on even weave with hand embroidery'.
It's beautiful even though I have no idea what Wesses Stitching is. Anyone?

I loved the shadows created by this work.

This piece was 'Bedtime' by Vicky Venn and is listed as a 'Textile with found object'.

Recognise these? They were in the Pendle Open last year! I loved them then, I love them now.
'All that Jazz' by Juliet Tomkins.

These two ladies have a special place in my heart. Here are the labels next to their hair so you can see which Witch is which! 
(Sorry, could not resist) 


'Humphrey' by Jan Lord, a ceramic piece.

'Cynthia' by Jan Lord. Another ceramic.
I loved this one so much. Can you tell I am a massively frustrated dog owner?
(Repeat after me, It's not fair, I'm out all day, No dog for me)


'Wood Pink Rabbit' by Ann-Marie O'Brien

''Myatol' Wolf' by Jack Crewdson, made from a Spalted Sycamore.
The amount of work that has gone into this is amazing.

'Small World' by Juliet Tomkins.


'Rain Coming' by Susan Byrne. Porcelain.
Susan is the secretary of Pendle Artists who exhibit regularly with us as The ACE Centre.

'Olivia WW1 Nurse' by Graham Hough. Terracotta ceramic.

'El Torro' by Jan Lord. Ceramics.

'Hector' by Amanda Lord. Ceramic.

So there we go, another of the What Kirsty did. One more and then next week we'll go back to doing more Tuesday Tutorials and Wellbeing Wednesdays. But do let us know if you enjoyed this weeks posts and we can do some more, as and when.
Thanks for reading.


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