Monday, 22 September 2014

A Monday Update


Happy Monday! Actually we are all quite chirpy here at Arts on Prescription headquarters. The sun is shining, Pendle Hill is looking misty and moody and Carmela is back from her holidays and not feeling too sad about that.

I normally get a little bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder so often find the first day of Autumn can be hard. But yesterday I didn't. Having the new Downton Abbey to look forward to helped and it is still warm which always keeps my spirits up.

Anyhow so I just wanted to write a quick post today to share what's happening right now. We've advertised all our Arts on Prescription courses too well and are pretty much at capacity right now. It's quite a nice position to be in but it is a problem really.

So anyone who calls up we are going to collect their details and start programming more courses. We're also going to split some of the courses that are too full and have more running each week. Cake Decorating has done particularly well - although we suspect a Great British Bake Off effect!

I'm not quite sure why we have done so well advertising this time. We have printed brochures and posters and sent them out and about locally, Carmela has been busy visiting our local high streets, supermarkets, libraries and the like. We have paid for a facebook advert which is very affordable and has gained us lots of new likers. It could be that there are less activities around to help people, or that more people are feeling like they want to Make Stuff. Make Friends. Make Life Better.

Whatever the reason, I just wanted to reassure people that we are doing something about it and that more provision will be coming up. And, for those who are waiting for a course or who can't get to us in person, I will continue to post on this blog and you can keep in touch with everything that way.

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