Thursday, 29 March 2012

Collages in Barlick

So guess who got the jammy job of covering a collaging session? Got it.... Yep... You are correct... Moi!

This is the first session of Self Portraits at The Rainhall Centre, running every other Thursday afternoon. Next session, professional artist Bev Chapelhow will start teaching the group, but for today we got to have a bit of fun with scissors, glue and magazines.

Here they are, aren't they great? Have a go - you won't believe how relaxing it is.

1. Get some old magazines
2. Cut out pictures/patterns/frames you like
3. Place them on your paper
4. Move them around til you like the layout
5. Glue in place
6. Spend at least 20 minutes admiring your creativity
7. Show it off to all your family and friends

Keep making stuff and making life better.


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