Monday, 23 July 2012

Art To Make You Smile- Introdution

Inspired by artist such as Giuseppe Arcimboldo who made portraits of human heads made up of vegetables and Roy Kichtenstein who made portraits using simple dots of colour. We envisage doing a similar response but using charity shop wears.

Materials from the charity shop will be used to create images that are indicative of portraits, landscapes, movement or shapes. By manipulating fabric such as rolling, layering and concertinaing, adding bric-a-brac, buttons, beans and ribbons. The finished collage images could then be vacuum packed into the fixed image.

The project will be support by artists Becky Atherton and David Boultbee having experience of facilitating individuals and group to have creative input and ownership of the project they are involved in.

The first session began by discussing the idea of using material then vacuum packing to create an image . Examples of images that could be used an inspiration were passed round and the group had a chance to get more of feel for the project but beginning to create images with the fabric provided.

Artist were left to use the different materials provided such as clothing, wool, cotton, beads and much more to experiment. Once they had finished her art work, using the vacuum, the air was sucked out compressing the fabric down creating different textures and gave it an abstract feel to the image within the packaging. 

The artists were able to see their work and what effect the vacuum pack gave the fabric. They could then undo the packaging and try again using alternative fabric and other different kinds of material. 

Below are some examples of the artists work from the session

The artisst were able to have a look at the other artists and discuss the different textures and also to share ideas as what different materials they used and what they would like to try next time. 

After experimenting with the idea and giving the artists more of an idea as what Becky and David are trying to achieve, it was a successful day. The images that were created were surreal and different and was effective. The idea is continue using the vacuum packs and to use fabric from local charities to create a collage of individual piece of work. Each image will be very individual allowing the artists and volunteer artists to add their own style and take on the project idea with the help of Becky and David.

Blog written by Carren Stockman

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