Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Final Product

Now that the art work is all ready... time to put it up! 

The four pieces of finished art work were set up at the ACE Theatre, Nelson, and Age UK shops in Burnley, Colne and Clitheroe. To see the work being put up and the final product please see photographs below. 

ACE Theatre, Nelson

Unfortunately I was not there when David and Becky set up the work as it was a last minute thing were they had some spare time and went to set the work up BUT I managed to capture the finished image. The piece of art work was hung from the balcony as you enter the ACE building makes an eye catching appearance. As you enter the theatre you are captivated by the abstract piece of work as it makes you stop and look closely. 

Myself, David and Becky went along to the different charity shops, as David and Beckyset up the art work, I documented the day. The first stop was Burnley

Age UK, Burnley 

We arrived at Age UK in Burnley where they had make space for the art work to be put up. The first image below is of the window where the final piece of work is being exhibited. 

The image that way hung in the window was an image by artist Georgia O'keeffe. The vacuum packed sections made a finial image of poppy flower. Below you can see photographs of David and Becky installing the art work in at Burnley. 

Age UK, Clitheroe

Next stop... Clitheroe! Below you can see the before and after pictures of the window. As the window was smaller David and Becky did not want to cover the whole of the window so they only took two panels of the window but because of the height they removed the bottom two selects of the art work so it could display comfortable in the window. 

An image of a landscape was exhibited at Clitheroe. To put the piece of art work up they used suction pads to the window with a piece of wood screw in to the suction pads where the work is then hung from it using fishing wire. The suctions pads can with stand seven tones of weight allowing the work to be exhibited in the window without ruining the window or the charity shop and makes it easier to bring the work down. 

Below are photographs of the art work being put up in the Age UK shop in Clitheroe. 

Age UK, Colne

Last stop... Colne. The window was smaller than the other two charity shops but it was in a prime location. Becky and David decided to remove some of the panels from the final art work so it would fit in the window they were allocated. As the art work was worked on by a small amount of people this meant that even though some of the vacuum packed images were removed the people who attended the work shops, their work was still exhibited. 

Below are images of the work being installed in the charity shop Age UK in Colne.

Overall, I would like to begin by thanking the Age UK shops for allowing David and Becky to borrow the collecting to create the art work, then allowing them to exhibit in the Age UK shops in Burnley, Colne and Clitheroe. 

I felt the project has been a success. It involved people from the ACE Centre and the way the art work was created allowed David and Becky to use material from the charity shops without ruining them, then once the project was over they could give the clothing back. As the work was abstract it allowed anyone to get involved. They did not have to be a talented artist but someone with a creative feel. 

People who walked pass each art work stopped to take a closer look and the people who allowed David and Becky to exhibit in the shop were more than happy with the art work. The project has now finish and the art work has now been taken down and the clothes have returned back to Age UK. 

For more information about this project or find how about what the ACE Theatre offer please visit the website

Blog written by Carren Stockman

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