Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Introduction to Textiles. Session 7. Using plastics

In this session we experimented with using plastics to make surfaces for stitch. You can do this at home by using cling film, plastic shopping bags, small pieces of fabric, sweet wrappers, other coloured pieces of thin plastic, wool. You will also need an iron, an ironing surface, Tefal heat resistant sheets, baking paper. 

Lay down two sheets of cling film, add cut up pieces of coloured plastic sheets, wrappers, small bits of fabric.  Leave room in between your items so that you can see the cling film underneath.  Add two more sheets of cling film on top of your items.  Place piece of baking paper on  top and then a Tefal heat resistant sheet.  Iron on top of the heat resistant sheet quickly-the iron needs to be on medium heat. Check underneath to see if the plastic has melted together.  Iron more if necessary.

We also used heat guns and soldering irons to distort the plastic and to make holes.
If you use these tools then make sure that there is good ventilation and that you leave the plastic to cool before you touch it.
Once the surfaces are done they should be robust enough for machine and hand embroidery.

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  1. Using plastic sheets would helps to keep things warmer, food fresher and carry things in less weight.