Thursday, 14 March 2013

Platform Gallery Introduction to textiles S.10

In Session 9 the students learned how to free machine embroidery using dissolvable fabric also by sewing onto their coloured and printed pieces and using machine stitch to add smaller bits of fabric.  The aim was to continually build layers into their finished pieces and begin to put pieces together. This group had also used sketchbooks to research themes.  They will be using this research in their final pieces.
Samples now are beginning to take shape as student put the final touches with stitch.  We only have a few more sessions left now and time feels like it has gone so quick.

Using dissolvable fabric, this will be washed then draped over a bowl or ball so that when the embroidery dries it will take on the shape of the object.

Sue will bring this back next week to show us the 3D effects. 

 Fantastic hand sewn fabric brooch by Diane

Gloria had not used a sewing machine for over 20 years however she soon go the hand of free machine embroidery.

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