Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Burnley Chai Centre Final session

In the final session students learnt how to hand embroider stitches and how to use the sewing machine in order to develop their work from previous weeks.
Here is Mark sewing a red design into  his painted & dyed fabric.

                               Laura is working with red embroidery thread around her circles

         Vitalia couched wool onto her fabric collage.

These are Roweena's flowers-they are fantastic,  This was her first attempt at hand embroidery.

Alicia used the sewing machine to applique fabric into her felt piece, she wanted to make something that represented fire. It matches her outfit and she was all fired up that day.

Eliza worked on the hoop to use stitch to accentuate her painted piece. Some of her work has helped her to gain entry to a BTEC Level 2 Art & Design course at Blackburn College.  We are very proud of her.

This piece of work was awaiting a lot of couching! But once it is finished it will look amazing.
 Here are a selection of stitches that students learnt today: straight stitch, cross stitch, flower stitch, seed stitch, feather stitch, chain stitch , french knots, bullion knots.

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