Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wellbeing Wednesday

This week's wellbeing tip focuses on getting a good night's sleep.
Life can be hectic and getting enough hours sleep per night isn't always high on our list of priorities, but getting a restful night's sleep has many benefits.
1.) Improves memory
2.) Boosts creativity
3.) Strengthens immune system
4.) Reduces stress
5.) Sharpens your attention & makes you more alert
Sometimes sleep can be easier said than done and many of us are familiar with that 'can't sleep feeling' and counting sheep just doesn't cut it.
It's easy to take for granted how much better we feel for having a good night's sleep, but how can we improve our sleeping habits?
Here are some helpful tips...
(We couldn't resist this lovely poster full off quirky illustrations)
Catching some ZZzzz's just got a bit easier.


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