Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Creative Photography - Making Pictures with a Camera

We're a few weeks into our Creative Photography course; here are some images from topics and themes covered in the sessions!


Lots of photography magazines are laid out for inspiration!

 Our photographers looked at taking pictures of objects from various angles.

  Taking photos of moving objects at different speeds!
Fruit cartons and cereal boxes were cut into circles and layered on top of one another, working in teams the circles were attached to the screw driver and turned on to make them spin whilst taking photos.

 Using shiny surfaces and reflections is another area that has been explored in the sessions!

 Last week's session was based around the theme of water and taking pictures using burst shots and various shutter speeds to catch paint falling through the water!
Next week the group will be exploring film cameras and hopefully get the chance to take the session outside...weather permitting of course!
Happy Snapping!

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