Monday, 31 March 2014

A bit more about who comes along to our arts on prescription classes...

Our Arts on Prescription courses work with a variety of people of all ages, circumstances and everyone has different reasons to come along. We welcome everyone we can. I thought I’d share some of the people’s stories with you today, although as these are real people attending courses right now we have changed their names for privacy reasons.
So here we have…
One course, one day, three different stories…
Paddy, 29, Unemployed – from Burnley
Paddy heard about the project through his key worker who gave him a leaflet. He had wanted to do some more art for a while as he did some at college and always enjoyed it. He chose the exploring arts and crafts course as he wanted to try out lots of different art techniques. His key worker came with him on the first session, as he felt really nervous but Paddy now comes along on his own. He has particularly enjoyed the glassmaking in this mixed course.
Since attending the course, Paddy has been feeling more confident and is now looking for a career in the arts and trying to find out about some further courses which may help. He is quite keen on becoming a tattoo artist. Paddy says “There’s more to me than just someone who wears tracky bottoms”
Felicity, 62, Retired – from Ribble Valley
Felicity had been referred from her GP to have some talking therapy and it was the therapist who had recommended doing more arts as she had always enjoyed crafts. Felicity lives in quite a remote place, had retired from a very busy job (including a long commute) and she was feeling quite isolated. She tends to feel uncomfortable in large groups so a small supportive environment like Arts on Prescription is perfect for her. Felicity really enjoys gardening and that keeps her busy in the summer but she struggles in the winter and found that doing more arts and crafts is really helping her get through these cold and dark months.
Felicity is enjoying the course, and really likes that the other people on the course are ‘down to earth’. She says “I just love it because I can go into my own world”.
Belle, 33, Employed Full Time – from Pendle
Belle attends this group as an Arts on Prescription volunteer and shares her experience with the group and today even shared a tutorial on how to make felt beads. Belle first joined an arts on prescription class last year after picking a leaflet up in the ACE Centre. She had to wait for a course that ran on her day off as she works full time. Belle attended a mixed arts and crafts course and now volunteers on this course. She helps the tutor, makes tea and looks after any person on the course who is struggling. Since attending and then volunteering Belle has noticed that she is doing lots more crafty things at home by herself and she has much more confidence. She says “crafts aren’t as hard as they look and you can have a go at anything”.
Belle’s Felt Bead Tutorial
You will need:
·         Wool tops
·         A bowl of very hot water (as hot as you can stand)
·         Washing up liquid
·         A bowl of cold water
1.      Add some fairy liquid to your bowl
2.      Select a few pieces of wool tops – play with sizes, the more you pull out the larger the bead will be
3.      Dunk the wool in the hot water
4.      Hold it under until the bubbles stop, then you know it’s all wet
5.      Roll very gently in your hand in circles
6.      After a few minutes it will start to look like a ball
7.      Now you can roll a bit harder
8.      Then dip in the bowl of cold water to set the felt
9.      Finally throw it on the floor as hard as you can
10.  Hey presto – felt bead
If you don’t have wool tops or your own farm! You could always try this tutorial which makes felt beads from a ball of wool….

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