Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wellbeing Wednesday

Exercise is key to helping improve our Wellbeing.

Any kind of physical activity stimulates chemicals in the brain and helps us feel more happy and relaxed.
Exercise gives a natural boost,
a sense of achievement,
releases tension and improves sleep.

Exercise doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous,
as long as it gets you moving you’re on the right track!

You could join a gym or take up a new class.
Or you can exercise for free by embracing the great outdoors.
Try going for a walk, jog or doing some gentle stretches.
 And you don’t have to be in this alone, you can exercise with a friend or family member for support and motivation.
Getting involved in your local park run
has become a popular way to exercise outside.
This will not only give you the chance to get fit,
but will also help you socialise and make friends.
You can find out more about Park Runs here

So, in the words of Olivia Newton John...Let's get physical!!

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