Thursday, 12 June 2014

What Kirsty Did: Steampunk Market

This is the final What Kirsty Did this week.

Just last Saturday I headed to the Steampunk Market at Queen Street Mill in Burnley. Running a market myself, it's important to go to others and collect new potential stallholder details, see how it all looks and enjoy too!

As we walked through the door the Palace of Curiosities were beginning a spiel. Husband immediately volunteered both boys to help with the magic disappearing flea trick.

It worked.
Then we started to have a look around the stalls and the museum. It was clear how well the Steampunk market fitted with the Museum (which is steam powered).

Oh, just spotted an accidental selfie of me in the glasses above! 

Some of the machines were demonstrated, the one above and below, was making towels.

I kept being drawn to the textures...

and colours...

and patterns...

I know you can't quite see the rules, but it basically states you can be fined for anything that isn't working, including taking too long in the toilet and leaving your area untidy.

It was really loud once the steaming began, and that was with only one machine really operational.

The steam engine.

But the best bit? All the people who had dressed up. The costumes were amazing.

I liked this sign on the food stall. They boys all preferred the home made chicken pakoras and lamb samosas.

Couldn't resist, that boy of mine has loved guns all his life, no matter how much I discouraged him.
So I really enjoyed the market. I think the best bit was the atmosphere, everyone seemed really happy and keen to be there. Also it seemed to appeal more to boys that most of the craft markets I've been to, which meant we could all enjoy our time there.
Luckily I spoke to lots of exciting stallholders and collected cards and contact details. Hopefully some of the traders will come along to the Nelson Art and Vintage Market in December.
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