Friday, 15 August 2014

Post Holiday Feelings

Hello folks,

I'm back from Sunny Egypt. Yes it was sunny too, didn't even spot one cloud in the whole 14 days we were there. It was HOT too. So hot, like nothing I've ever experienced.

Here are a few pictures...

This was one of the cooler days, we hit the dizzy heights of 45 degrees!

Just look at the beauty of that sky

Even the food was fancy

And we had a private jetty from our hotel to the coral reef

We took a quad biking trip to the desert, as you do!

And overall had a wonderful family holiday.

But's that not what I want to write about today. Holidays are good, they are probably one of my most favourite things in the whole world, but they are a break from real life. I look forward to them and I used to feel quite sad to come home. But not this time. I could quite hapily have stayed in Egypt for at least another week, but getting home was ok.

Do you want to know my secret? I felt grateful for everything I was coming home too. We didn't really see a lot of poverty in Egypt but I felt lucky there.

The staff in our hotel were lovely and helpful and full of smiles, but they worked 15 and 16 hour days in hot and uncomfortable conditions. I felt lucky that I don't have to do that.

We went shopping to some markets and one guy had a bed in his shop. It made me feel incredibly lucky to have a home.

I'd missed my friends and family and felt lucky to come home and see them.

It just overall reminded me that I have a great life and I try to feel grateful for that every day. It's about finding the balance. I'd like to have enough money to travel the world in luxury, but maybe I wouldn't appreciate it enough without it being a special occasion like a holiday.

I'm not sure I'm making complete sense - still a little tired from travelling home, missing sleep and going back to work, but I wanted to share how I have avoided the post holiday blues.

Thanks for reading,