Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Do you know what! It's not an easy task to fit out a shop on a tiny budget. Pendle Leisure Trust is a not for profit organisation and this project is funded through public money. Although the aim is to cover costs, not make money, we still have to be thrifty. But, we do love a challenge and what do you do with a large space and little cash...

Scour all the locations where bargains may be found! And we have started with collecting furniture; from second hand shops, from eBay, from charity shops and from the auction house too. 

The secret is going regularly and buying what you see as it won't be there if you come back for it later. 

But this means you need somewhere to put it. For a long time we have been using my stable...

As you can see it's  now quite full. 

This lovely vintage print has been renamed Daphne.

And here she is with her partner, who we like to call Dimitri. Sorry for the blurry-ness, I was snapping the pictures on my phone while busy today (mostly trying my hand at being a removals person and realising I'm not really cut out for it).

Luckily our new landlords-to-be have a space which isn't currently being used and we have taken advantage of that space... 

It may seem like we are collecting a very strange assortment of items, but fear not! We have a plan. It involves paint and fabric and sanding and creativity and an awful lot of cleaning.

And so piece by piece, our shop starts to feel real. It's so nice to feel that, after so long just living in my head.

And we found some amazing treasures - like this box of vintage sewing items.

And fate had a part too. My great - grandparents were Swarbricks, so this suitcase and I were destined for each other, obviously.

Do you know what else though? We really need lots more chairs, so I'm going to have to do all this again soon! Fingers crossed all the bruises will have healed by then (I meant it when I said I'm not cut out for a new career in removals).

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