Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Our first ever guest blog post!

Hello, I’m Matthew.


Kirsty and Carmela have very kindly let me have a little slice of their blog to tell you about an interesting project that me and my mate Stephie are working on at the ACE Centre. I’m sure most of you know the ACE centre, it’s where Kirsty and Carmela live. It’s a great big arts centre in Nelson with a theatre, a recording studio and an excellent cafe. The cafe is known as ‘The Bistro’. It serves delicious food, although no ‘Bisto’ confusingly. We also work with the Municipal Hall in Colne (usually called the Muni). It’s more of a traditional theatre and feels like the type of place you might see a ghost if you were there by yourself late at night.


Our project is called Plugged In and you could get involved with it too if you’d like. We ask people across Pendle what shows they want to see in their theatres. We then book professional shows that match their description and ask them to come along with all their friends. It’s free to take part in and also involves a few behind the scene’s tours. The tours take place in the day, so there’s no chance of seeing a ghost.


It’s been great fun so far. We’ve had our first couple of shows in Nelson and we’ve also been doing some fun workshops. One of my favourites was based on The elves and the shoemaker. We made some elf hats with ears for kids to colour and wear. One child coloured so enthusiastically he strayed not only over the lines but over the edges of the card and onto the table cloth. I had never seen such a reckless display of colouring in. I hypothesised that he was being hurried by a pushy mother, keen to get a good seat for the show, though he may just have had poor hand eye coordination. The show itself was great and contained no ghosts.



We’ve got some more good stuff coming up in the lead in to the festive season. But we’re also planning for next spring as well, and this is where you could really make a difference. If you are interested in choosing a show for our next season, please visit or call 01254 674 777 and we can get you started looking after your own show. As mentioned, it’s all free and you can get involved as much or as little as you like. We really just want your ideas. Please note, we do not accept applications from ghosts.


Thanks Kirsty


Thanks Carmela


Much Love,


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