Monday, 6 August 2012

Art To Make You Smile... Begins!

Today was the beginning of the "Art To Make You Smile". The artists Becky and David collected 20 bags of clothing, accessories, teddies and much more from the local Age UK charity shop in Nelson. With these clothes they were able to continue with their initial idea of creating an image in a vacuum bag using the clothing provided by charities then extracting the air from the bag to create an abstract surreal image. The clothing would only be shape in the clothing and not but into piece allowing to return the clothing back to Age UK once the project has finished. The session was available to the previous people who attended the first meeting but this was a "drop in" allowing people to come in when possible. 

For details about the charity Age UK please see link below

A hole was drilled into the a piece of board so that vacuum bag could be placed on top and the air could be extracted from underneath, this was the fabric would not slide about when trying to suck the air out. 

A copy of a landscape was cut into small sections, from there, people who attended the drop in used this as a canvas to create their image using the fabric. Once all the different sections had been created the vacuum images were brought together to create a abstract landscape. 

Everyone was given a section of the landscape to work on

The first hour sections has been created and looking down on the vacuum bags you can start to visualise the idea as what Becky and David are trying to achieve. 

The aim of today was to try and finish creating the landscape so at the next session other images could be designed. I spoke to Liz, who came to the drop in centre, she found out about this project from being contacted after attending the "Arts On Prescription Programme". When asked what she thought about the idea she said it was "fun", "different" and "a new way of recycling. 

Throughout the day people came and went freely and using there section of the landscape they began to create abstract images using the material from Age UK and gave it their little flare to the image. 

Once all the sections of the landscape had been created throughout the day. David wanted to exhibit some of the art work on the window so the other artists could begin to visualise the final piece of work. Using suction pads on the window and a wire from top to bottom David was able to place the vacuum packs in between the wire create the finial abstract image. Below is an example

There are two/three more session available to the artists where they create other landscape images in the same way again using the clothing from the charity and other. The art work will be exhibition in Age UK shops in Clitheroe, Nelson, Burnley and Colne then a finial exhibition at the ACE Theatre. (Dates of when the exhibition is still to be confirmed) 

Blog post written by Carren Stockman 

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