Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Art To Make You Smile... Continues!

With one piece of art work finished another is made today. Last session the artist worked on a landscape image by artist Ben Nicholson. Today they worked on an image of a flower by the artist Giorgio Okeith. Examples of Okeith's work below. 

The image below is the image that was created throughout the day. The picture was cut into different sections as the previous photo in last week session. 

The session was open to the public this time so people walking passed where encouraged to join in to create some art work. As the session was in the entrance, public walking passed came over to enquire what was going on and they were able to look at the previous art work that was created in the morning.  

More bags of clothing was collected by Becky from Age UK to create the images. Throughout the day the aim was to finish the different sections of the flower ready to exhibit the charity shop in either Burnley, Clitheroe, Nelson or Colne. I was asked if I wanted to create one of the sections of the flowers so I grabbed a vacuum pack bag and started picking out different colours of clothing to match the section of the image I had chosen. It was a nice achievement once the air have been sucked out to see the image it has created and the different textures it created. Below are image captured from the day of the artist working on the different sections of the images to finish the image of the flower. 

The artist managed to finish the image. The art work was then placed out so that they can could get a feel as to how effective it looks. 

The finish product below. On the bottom right corner you can see that the vacuum pack as come undone and has lost it suction. You can see that it does not have the same effect as the rest of the different sections. 

Overall, two images have been created from images and there is a further two more images to be sectioned and vacuum packed so that each charity shop has an alternative image exhibiting in them. More details about the exhibition to come soon

Blog written by Carren Stockman

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