Friday, 17 August 2012

Tell Your Story Week 10 & 11

This week we concentrated on finishing the script for the book, everyone took a scene each, wrote it up and then passed it to me for editing.  The standard was amazing! For the rest of sessions 10 & 11 we concentrated on finishing the art work and putting the finished script into the book.  Here is the stencil created from last week.  These will be cut and pasted into the book.

Here is a drawing that will appear on page 1 of one of the books, this has been drawn free hand by one of the students who was confident with drawing.

Here is a painting of a tube station scene.

Once the paint had dried we began to add the text.  This was done by printing onto Lazertran paper and then ironing the text directly onto the fabric.  Once this was done I took all the fabric pages home and began to sew them all together.

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