Tuesday, 22 July 2014

X Marks the Spot


This week is Wellbeing Week (Monday 21st July to Sunday 27th July) and Target Wellbeing are running a new campaign called X Marks the Spot.

It's all about getting outside and into green spaces and if you share a picture of you or your friends being active in open spaces you could win £400 of garden vouchers, and the second prize is £200 of vouchers from Go Outdoors.

All you needs to do is share a picture of a space you love on either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #mytreasuredspace or you can click here and upload a picture directly to the website.

Want to see what others have put up so far? Just search the hashtag on your preferred site!

You could try some den building?

This picture explains why open and green spaces are so important doesn't it?
Target Wellbeing say...
The facts are astonishing. A daily walk in the park reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes by a whopping 50%. Residents in high ‘greenery’ environments are 3 times as likely to take frequent physical exercise as those in the lowest greenery category. Most of us treasure our green spaces - 91% of us say they improve our quality of life.

What about some gardening or growing?

Or go for a run outside?

Prizes too!

Maybe just sit and enjoy the flowers?

Or try a gentle walk in a local spot...
So here are mine from this morning. I stopped the car on my way to work and took a few minutes to just soak up the beauty that is the Pendle Countryside...

View towards the Ribble Valley and Clitheroe.

Pendle Hill.
Aren't us Pendle residents just the luckiest folks? On my commute to work this morning I saw tractors, birds, cows and sheep. Not many cars or buildings. I do really value this.
Anyway - good luck with the competition folks!
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