Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Difficult Decisions


I just wanted to share something with you all. Sometimes we all have to make difficult decisions and recently we had to, too.

We have been running a really popular course called Exploring Arts and Crafts, where three or four tutors teach on the same course so people can get a few taster sessions of different arts and crafts. It's been popular as people want to try lots of things and has been very easy to fill all the sessions. In fact, we've ended up with waiting lists for this course.

However, we have decided not to run this course anymore. We have made this difficult decision because, talking to our tutors and looking at the feedback from students, we don't think it has enough impact on people's wellbeing. All of other courses have more of an impact on making people happier.

We take our mission statement seriously, we are not here just to be popular. We say we will help you to 'Make Stuff. Make Friends. Make Life Better'. And we mean it. We believe in our courses and offer and will not compromise on quality.

You can trust us. Any questions, just get in touch.

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