Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tuesday Tutorial; Share your own story

You must have noticed how much we have been talking about words and writing on this blog over the last few weeks! Don't worry, we will start a new topic next month. We have a new course starting on Thursday called 'Working with Words' so we have been thinking about that a lot recently.

Have you seen our free creative writing course on this blog, called 'Tell Your Story'? We'd like you to do just that for this Tuesday's tutorial. Tell your story.

I found this image on Pinterest but there was no link

You can follow the whole course if you wish, or you can keep it as simple as you like. Write on photographs or in albums, use a notebook, talk to your children or friends. Just share something about you. Blog it even, or send it to us and we'll blog your story!

I wrote a bit of my own story too. You can find it on the new About page at the top of this blog.

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